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In Kłodno just had finished new instalation of pallet lines. Line was installing seems like in Miastko in a few parts. First step was installation of the leg machine. Second one was installation of the deck machine. Last one which had place in 2019 was installation of the  assembly machine and connection of the line with the current instalation. Thanks to the multi- module solution company could benefit from the advantages of individual elements beefore installing the line together.  With the help of breakeres it is possible to make non-standard pallets in sizes from 600 x 600 to 1400 x 2000. Main advantage of these machines is very high flexibility characterized by the possibility of production wide range pallets and low switching time.

The line includes:
-an optimizing
-machine for bottoms
-machine for pallet tops
-assembly machine

Efficiency : 4 pallets/ 1min

Number of operators: 3-4 depending on the pallete performed.

Let’s look how it works in short movie below.