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PalletSaw W – a machine for cutting pallets

Product information:

The machine is used for cutting pallets. Ideal for removing damaged europall boards or for complete disassembly


  • The knife mechanism always ensures adequate stability and ensures that the cut is always parallel to the table,
  • Support 1 operator
  • Smoothly adjustable saw speed,
  • Pallets can be dragged or pushed through the machine
  • Wheels covered with rubber, provide longer life and quieter operation of the device,
  • The possibility of including in the line as well as independent work
  • CE certificate


  • 50-75 pallets per hour
  • total disassembly up to 40 pallets per hour

Product photo:


It is possible to check the cutting position accurately on the screen
With the pre-programmed settings it is possible to set the table height very quickly
Thanks to the ball roller system, moving the pallet across the counter is very easy
Longitudinal rollers make it easier to handle pallets at the machine’s entrance
The waste chute allows faster emptying of cut elements from the machine. Cut off elements go directly to the container.

It is preparing for individual ofer – let’s contact with us.

The machine does not meet all your expectations?

Contact us:, and thanks to cooperation with the machine manufacturer IMH Machinery AB, We will create a product tailored to your needs.