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Pallet control system

Product information:

The pallet control system is a fully automatic control of the quality and size of pallets.

How does the pallet control system work?

A fully automatic pallet inspection system checks Euro pallets at many points. The operator decides what elements of the pallet he would like to check. For example, it monitors the first choice, the second choice and the damaged pallets. In addition, the system can also check the length, width, distance and height of the pallet. After checking, the robot sets the pallet on the appropriate tray.

Where to set the pallet control system?

In connection with a wide range of pallet control options, it can be placed in several places on the sorting line. The device can be at the beginning of the line as a device that checks the condition of used pallets, or at the output monitor the quality of the finished product.

Product photos:

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