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Machine for covers DM 1502S-V

Product information:

Compared to the SDM1503S-V model, the DM1502S-V type is a more economical version. This translates into lower machine performance. The machine can produce lids (tops) for pallets on three longitudinal boards or squares. It also perfectly manages the production of table tops with wings. Thanks to the innovative technology, the coiler can also be used to connect bottoms with worktops to obtain the final product – pallet. Due to the possibility of rapid dimensional changes, it is ideal for the production of small and large series of pallets.


  • completely automated method of feeding boards,
  • 2 magazines for cross boards allow for the production of lids on various types of boards,
  • production of lapel with wings,
  • an innovative nailing system,
  • programmable number of nails nailed,
  • precisely bent nails,
  • control of nails,
  • service: 1 operator or robot,
  • fast and precise dimensional change system,
  • possibility of single work or in a production line,
  • has its own control panel and hydraulic unit.

The most important features:

25 cycles per minute

One operator or robot

Quick change of dimensions

Control panel

Control of nails embedded

Types of lids:

Material dimensions:

Longitudinal boards:

  • Thickness: 12-35 mm
  • Width: 75-150 mm
  • Length: 600-1500 mm

Cross boards:

  • Thickness: 16-35 mm
  • Width: 75-150 mm
  • Length: 600-1400 mm

Dimensions of nails:

  • Thickness: 2.5-2.7 mm
  • Quality: machine nails
  • Length: 40-100 mm
  • Capacity: 22 cycles / min, using two boards for boards (4.4 decks / min with 5 boards on the counter)
  • Movement time 3-25 min. It depends on the differences between the products.
  • Maximum load: 40 kg in a board for boards, 200 kg on a platform
  • Dimensions of the wings: Normal, 0-100 mm, along the transverse board. For
  • Wings other as normal, please contact us for individual matching.
Technical requirements:
  • Electrical voltage: 3-phase 400 V, 50 Hz
  • Main fuses: 3×63 Ampere
  • System pressure: 6-10 bar
  • Nominal pressure: 6-7 bar
Dimensions of the machine:
  • External dimensions of the machine: See line diagram.
  • Recommended hall height: 4400mm, recommended height to keep about 2m free space above the machine.

The machine does not meet all your expectations?

Contact us:, and thanks to cooperation with the machine manufacturer IMH Machinery AB, We will create a product tailored to your needs.