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Machine KOMBI-FLEX R1000

Product information:

By means of the machine, it is possible to produce pallets at the same time and to connect a finished table top with bottoms. The pallets can be combined with the so-called with or without wings.


  • piling pallets on 2 or 3 bottoms,
  • programmable number of nails nailed,
  • an innovative nailing system,
  • control of nails,
  • service: 2 operators
  • possibility of single work or in a production line,
  • has its own control panel and hydraulic unit.


  • 2 pallets per minute

Product photos:

How it’s working

Manual blocks and planks are placed on the machine manually. At the same time, the second operator arranges finished bottoms and pallet decks. In one mashing cycle, three pallet bottoms are made and the lids and bases are combined into a finished product – pallet. The machine can fold pallets on two or three bottoms. The machine has its own hydraulic unit (also sufficient for connection with other machines, eg a pallet stacker, a robot).

It is preparing for individual ofer – let’s contact with us.

The video will appear soon

The machine does not meet all your expectations?

Contact us:, and thanks to cooperation with the machine manufacturer IMH Machinery AB, We will create a product tailored to your needs.