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Block cutter OPK 3900V

Product information:

The machine is used for cutting pallet blocks. It is possible to cut different lengths from the same square timber. The machine measures the material and then cuts out the maximum number of blocks (optimization).


  • measurement of the length of squared timber,
  • calculating the maximum number of blocks to be cut from the square,
  • whitewashing the edges of squared timber,
  • the possibility of setting the cutting tolerance, this function allows to increase the maximum amount of blocks from the timbers (optimization),
  • cutting different sizes of blocks without the need to stop the machine,
  • segregation of blocks of various sizes,
  • a wide conveyor allows the positioning of many squares at the same time on the machine,
  • service: 1 operator,
  • electronic dimensional change system,
  • has its own control panel,
  • possibility of single work or in a production line.


  • 36 blocks per minute

Product photos:

A description of the action:

The operator places a material to be cut on a wide feeder. The material closest to the cutting part is precisely set and measured, and then taken for cutting. The blocker makes the first and last cut at the previously programmed position. Thanks to advanced optimization technology, the machine is able to cut the maximum number of blocks from the timbers. For example: We want to cut a cube with a length of 100mm from 2948mm squared timber. By default, by cutting the material, the number of blocks received is: 29, and 48 mm of waste. By setting a cutting tolerance of +/- 2 mm, the ice cube machine is able to cut 30 x 98 mm blocks with only 8 mm of waste. (for the sake of simplification, the width of the saw was not taken into account).

Material dimensions:


  • Height: 75-100 mm
  • Width: 75-150 mm
  • Length: 800-3900 mm


  • Height: 75-100 mm
  • Width: 75-150 mm
  • Length: 75-150 mm *

It is possible to use other dimensions of blocks than those given above. Contact for individual changes.

* recommended sizes

  • 40 blocks per minute using 75 mm blocks
  • Adjustment time about 1 min
  • Maximum load: 50 kg
Technical requirements:
  • Electrical voltage: 3-phase 400 V, 50 Hz
  • Main fuses: 3×35 Ampere
  • System pressure: 6-10 bar
  • Nominal pressure: 6-7 bar
Dimensions of the machine:
  • External dimensions of the machine: Length: 5800 mm
  • Width: 1820 mm
  • Height: 1200 mm

The machine does not meet all your expectations?

Contact us:, and thanks to cooperation with the machine manufacturer IMH Machinery AB, We will create a product tailored to your needs.