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Our goal is to contribute to the client's success

and providing the highest quality services

Machines for Palet Serwis is a well-functioning and rapidly growing company at the Polish nailing mill, whose main task is to provide customers with modern technology for the production of pallets.

Having constant improvement in the quality of our solutions, development works are carried out continuously, which means that we regularly release new versions of tools of an increasingly higher standard and constantly growing possibilities . The aim of the Palet Serwis machine is to co-create the client’s success and ensure the highest quality of services. We are able to precisely adapt the new pallet production mechanisms to the needs and goals set by the companies cooperating with us. We rely on the acquired knowledge, extensive experience and the ability to properly use innovative technologies. We help not only in implementation, we also provide extensive knowledge about the functioning of companies. We operate quickly and flexibly. </ P>

We sell and service specialist machines for the production of wooden packaging from a renowned Swedish company: IMH Service. Our concept is the sale of hydraulic drills, which can be quickly adapted to the production of all pallets. IMH machines are suitable for the production of many different types of pallets. High quality of products contributes to high reliability. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our commercial offer containing proposals for complete lines for pallets or individual machines. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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